Wednesday, February 16, 2011


That is me with The Mighty Casey...girl dog with a boy's name
I had a feeling that this sweater was Anthropologie when I picked it up at Goodwill, after a little research I confirmed that it was. It is "Cross Stitched Heart" brand from Anthro.
Jeans- black wash skinnies no brand -Goodwill
I look a little Sherlock Holmes here, I bought the coat during the ALT weekend on our thrift tour. I found it at an amazing vintage shop in Salt Lake City called Decades..

This is the G-Dub outfit that I wore to the Clothing Swap and Fashion Show featuring Mondo.

LBD - Vintage Talbots (I removed the HUGE shoulder pads) G-Dub

Broaches--Gathered on my Goodwill Travels through Denver
Leopard Tights -Target clearance

Boots-I can't remember, but I love them!!

Same night I added one of my MAJOR Goodwill scores.

Calvin Klein New with Tags Jacket Goodwill on Leetsdale in Denver.

A quick little Valentines Lunch with the hubz.
White button down Victoria Secret
Michael Kors Jeans-Goodwill
FAVORITE Red Cowgirl Boots -Goodwill

Ode to Lisa Leonard.....

It was 60 degrees in Denver yesterday!! I busted out my new Spring Sweater from Goodwill.

Sweater-Cabi (G-Dub)

Jeans-Gap Long and Lean (G-dub)

Beat Up Boots (G-Dub)

Join me at The Pleated Poppy to see what everyone else is wearing this week!
Here too!

***Denver Goodwill Stores 50% Off this Saturday February 19, I plan on shopping with Margie...wan't to join us?

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  1. Lookin hot to trot!

    And that Casey is a cute one :)

  2. the last one is my fave... love your smile and the cute outfit! love from Amsterdam

  3. Deeeeeeeee! Woman after my own heart. Loving all the G-dub finds. I W.A.N.T. that white coat, black dress and spring sweater. Missed seeing you around lately.

  4. LOVE that top in the first pic! It is too cute!
    And personally, I think your dog has a lovely GIRLS name, hee hee!

  5. I'm so jealous! I just can't find cute stuff in our Goodwill! I've tried, but all I find is Old Navy and random cheap stuff! I'll keep trying though. You look great!

  6. Thanks for visiting me. I love your outfits and your hair! So jealous of the good Goodwill shopping, all mine have is junk!

  7. Love Casey and the last outfit!

  8. I really like the Lisa inspired outfit. LOVE the yellow floral cardi. Too cute and a perfect "it's almost spring" look.

  9. Can't even count all of the things I love in this post! You always amaze me with your awesome thrift finds! And Casey is adorable!

  10. Adorable! I need to go Goodwill shopping with you!

  11. LOOOOVE the dress and leopard tights! I actually love them all, but that one and the last are my favorites!

  12. Love all of it! Especially the cowboy boots, I wear mine cuffed too!

  13. I love the third and last outfit! all super cute! (i need to goodwill with you - i NEVER find anything this cute!)

  14. Very nice outfits! Your dog is precious! Let me know what time you want to meet...are you thinking the early bird gets the best stuff or did you want to go later? Let me know. :)

  15. I also scour Goodwill looking for treasures :) Great job! I never find cute boots at ours-lucky duck! The last outfit was adorable!

  16. Fabulous looks! You are the most stylish woman.

  17. You look cuter every week, I so want to raid your wardrobe. You also have my hubby's dream dog (he can have one when we have the house to put her in!) Have a good week lovely. axx

  18. You're adorable! I'm trying to figure out what "G-dub" means. Love your "Lisa Leonard" outfit. Too cute!

  19. I love your are always so stinkin' cute!!! I need to go goodwill shopping with you because I NEVER find cute things like that!


  20. Sweet outfits! I love that last one so much, what a beautiful cardigan. Love the brooches on the black dress too. Brooches count as jewelry wearing for the Bejeweled Wednesday link up - want to link up?

  21. FUnny, the first thing that came to mind when I saw that last outfit was: she looks just like Lisa! :) I love all of your outfits though...esp the Lisa one and the black dress. You look amazing in it!:)
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting but dont forget to enter my week of giveaways. Theres some really fun stuff!

  22. Love everything! I love the "Lisa" look but I don't have the right boots for it--I'm on the hunt!

  23. the last one is SUPER FUN. i am convinced i need to dig through the jeans more at my "G-dub" (which is a fantastic nickname for goodwill!)

  24. Ok...this might be a 2nd comment...the first time it messed up.

    You are the 2nd person to comment on my blog this week that is a Goodwiller and I'm totally dying to visit my local Goodwill for some great finds like yours now! I totally want to get into the thrift store shopping & am going to have to start this weekend! Any tips?

  25. You look so cute! The clothes are nice too. ☺

  26. You are too cute for words! I'm your newest follower!