Monday, February 14, 2011

G-Dub Tour

I saw this logo on the Google homepage and I thought to myself....hmmm that doesn't say Goodwill.....Wow! Do I always have the G-Dub on the brain? The answer is yes.

On to my Goodwill Tour of 4160 South Broadway Englewood, CO 80113-4633. The store is really clean and nice on the inside, and the staff were very helpful and friendly. I met an employee there who was shopping on her day off! She was very sweet...
The media section was amazing! They have a great selection of books and records....(records are vintage devices that were used to hold music and other types of media......Google search it!)

What a great vintage Sunday Dress. I love it when I come across "Made in the USA" clothing. It is very hard to come by. Did you know that 95% off all American clothing is outsourced? 95%! That is sooo sad to me.
While I was browsing I came across this little dress/top thing, and thought, hmmm that looks familiar.......A quick search through the Lisa Leonard blog and there it was!!!

Look how adorable that is....I had to Love it and Leave it because I am so pasty white that I look like a ghost in that color....I have a tiny bit of "not buying it remorse" right now. Come over to to see what else Goodwill has in store!


  1. Does Goodwill let you know when they are doing 50% off almost everything? I know it is next Saturday the 19th because I went and took the kids yesterday and got a flier but it would be great if they would let you know so you can put it on the goodwill blog. Let me know if they would be open to that suggestion to posting it.

  2. Are you going next Saturday? I think I want to see what deals I can find at 50% off. Love that! If you don't have plans, let me know...we could do a little thrifting together. Have a great week!

  3. i wish you lived closer so you could give me a lesson on goodwill shopping...i'm amazed by what you find!