Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Blazer Ralph Lauren (G-Dub)
Sweater no tags (G-Dub)
Calvin Klein Jeans (Costco! One Stop Shopping!!)
Cowboy Boots!! (G-Dub last week!)
Dr. Appt and Errands
Off to have an upper GI done....with a little esophagus repair....sure I wanted to look cute!
Wrap Sweater -(Target)
T-Shirt (Target)
Skinnies (Old Navy)
Boots Franco Sarto (???? a few years old)

Back detail of the boots...I love them!

OK then it dropped 60 degrees in Denver to about -20 no joke.

Ralph Lauren Snowflake Sweater (G-Dub)

Black Jeans (Old Navy)

Snow Boots (Target) then I saw them at Goodwill a week later....

Saturday Sweat Pants and Laundry Day!

Did I mention the Flu Started right about now.....Son #1 down, now me, who's next?.......
My new skinny silver belt NWT G-Dub 49cents.....


Dan Post Cowboy Boots with Silver Tips!
They are marked 7.5 however they are much, much smaller!! I would say 6.5 to 7. If you have tiny feet and would like them, just tell me in the comments and I will send them on over!!

Head on over to The Pleated Poppy to see what everyone else wore this week!


  1. You look cute even in sweats! Your posing is so fun! Sorry you got the flu!

  2. I LOVE the boots and they are just my size! I have been looking for a pair just like those for a while now!

  3. Love the boots and I wear a size 7. Would love to have them! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. The boots in the first photo are amazing! You look so darn cute.

  5. Great outfits!! I love those boots and they are just my size! Hope the flu flees quickly!

  6. You are too cute! I've got to head to a Goodwill store soon!

  7. Those boots are great! Lucky me, I am a 6 1/2 size shoe. P.S. I love the details of your built-in bookcase and the brick fireplace :)

  8. CUTE boots. I have found a new-found love with boots. I also wish I had a Goodwill half as wonderful as yours.

  9. Love the boots in the 1st pic. Would love to shop at your Goodwill!

  10. I wear a 7 and would be THRILLED to have them! WOW! You really look great this week! STay warm! ♥

  11. adorable, love your clock collection too! you should get a metal for your g-dub scores , love the franco sarto lace up boots...

  12. As a fellow Gdub goer I must say you find the greatest stuff! I found brand new Frye Mules at Salvation Army for $6.00. I thought I could wear them but they are a little small. I would love your boots, I have horses who live behind me so I could look like a cowgirl!

  13. I love the boots, they are adorable and just my size!!! Just came across your blog and fell in love....haven't found alot of goods deals here in Texas but I look forward to the hunt at the stores. You always look so put together, lots of great ideas!!!!

  14. super cute outfits! you are great at finding the steals at goodwill.

    I'm a 6.5/7... just sayin'!

  15. and i thought i found great things at goodwill!! if you haven't already given them away--i'm a 6.5!

  16. You have a great GW, sorry you had the flu!
    Wish those boots were my size oh well! Love your outfits you always look cute!

  17. i'm an 8 1/ i'm out of the running on the boots. but i had to comment on the boots that lace up the back...oh my...those rock!! feel better!!

  18. Sorry to hear you are sick Deanna, You look adorable, even in your sweats! I went to G-dub last week and got a brand new electronic backgammon game for $ home and looked at my receipt and saw that it was 50% off! Love that! I am going again this weekend as its all 50% so I will try to see what fun stuff I can find....

  19. Those boots are my size! I heart them! Thanks for thinking of your readers, so sweet!

  20. Cute style. Love those boots.

    Stephanie M.

  21. ugh, the strep is running rampant through all my 4 kids...yuck! hope you guys get healthy soon! you had some great goodwill finds!! i love the back detailing of those boots you have too, uber cute!


  22. Those boots are my size too:) and you know how I love a good pair of cowboy boots~ I am in Canada though!