Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guest Post... Yard Sale Mommy!

One adorable mommy? Why yes!

See I told you cowboy boots go with everything!

Garage Sales and Goodwill? You guessed it!

A giant thank you ma'am to Jen from Yard Sale Mommy! I would love to say that I'm at the beach and needed a guest poster buuut she is the one at the beach posting for me? hmmm...however that works....I'll take it!

Retail Therapy on the Cheap: Tips for Successful Thrift Store Fashion Hunting

I don't know about all you A Lotta Junk in my Trunk readers, but I love dressing up. Forget the frumpy sweatpants, the tired work out attire, and the occasional pajamas in the carpool line looks--they just aren't for me. No, give me hairbows and heels, pearls and perfume, and frills and frocks.

Although I love dressing up, I do NOT love the price tag that comes along with it. These days even buying a dress or nice top at Target will set you back at least $30.00, if not more. So what’s a frugal but fancy girl like me (and you) to do? Try shopping at the G Dub Boutique. You would be amazed at the beautiful, name brand clothes, shoes, and jewelry abandoned and on sale there for 75-90% off of retail prices (dresses, pants, and tops are less than $5.00 per piece). Here are a few tips for updating and upgrading your wardrobe at a thrift store:

Be prepared to dig a little.

To find a treasure, sometimes you have to reach deep into the treasure chest. If you have the time, sort through the bins of clothes and thumb through the hangers one by one. Don’t forget to check the racks of things not yet hung out for sale, too. Look in and next to the dressing rooms for items that caught the eye of others but did not work for them, but just might work for you.

Try things on.

Most thrift stores have a place to try on clothes, so even if you have to take the kids in the dressing room with you, it’s worth it. Often all sales are final, so you’ll want to make sure what you are buying will work before you take it home.

Select pieces based on color, fabric, or style, and not by size.

I always try on eye-catching clothes that are sizes larger and smaller than mine, because when buying second hand you never know which size will fit. Each store or brand label sizes their clothes differently, so while you might wear an 8 in one store, in another you may wear a 6 or 10. Additionally, previously washed and worn clothes are often a bit shrunken by the time they are donated, so it makes sense to buy them a size or two bigger. If you like the look of it on the hanger, why not see if you can make it work?

Shop the accessories.

Nothing breathes life into an old outfit like a new pair of shoes, a fun chunky belt, cute jewelry or an interesting handbag. Don’t neglect the accessory sections of your local thrift store to spruce up the clothes you already own.

Get creative. Consider simple alterations.

With a sewing machine and little sewing know-how, you can easily take in a dress that’s too large to fit you. Or, perhaps shorten a hem with no-sew tape. You might even consider turning a too-short dress into a tunic over jeans or leggings. Thinking outside the box when it comes to your thrift store fashion finds will keep your wardrobe updated and fun.

So next time you’re in the mood to spice up your Sunday wardrobe (or your Monday through Saturday wardrobe for that matter!) head over to your local Goodwill “boutique.” It’s retail therapy on the cheap!

Jen Wise is a mom of three girls who loves to be fashionable but hates to pay full price! You can follow more of her yard sale-ing, thrift store shoppping, ebaying adverntures over at


  1. Thanks Deanna. I am going to check out your friend's blog now.


  2. Love the tips and your right.. try everything never know what might fit or be too small.. sizes are open to speculation... a great post and love it!