Friday, July 1, 2011

Now I see where I get it....

This is my Grandfather. I happen to love his middle name Noble. Love it. It seems as though it was through him that I inherited the love of cowboy boots and western attire.

These are my latest finds from the GDub. They didn't fit my dad so I kept them for myself. I just want to look at them for awhile, then I will probably put them on Ebay and cry when I put them in the mailbox. Who said love was rational.


  1. Ooh! Nice boots! What size are they? I finally saw some cowboy boots at my fave GW but sadly they weren't my size. I'll keep looking though!
    My patience paid off when I DID find a folding table to use when we go camping.
    BTW... how do I get a job with GW doing PR and shopping? Thanks for keeping me inspired.


  2. I'm loving your blog! We have a lot in common. Visit me at I completely understand the feeling of crying when something goes out the door for ebay! LOL.

  3. Ella,
    The boots are 10.5 D. I would start a blog about Goodwill shopping and post your photos of your amazing finds, then email the Texas Goodwill PR Department and give a link to your blog. Pitch yourself as a writer and see if they like what they see!!

  4. What a great photo of your grandfather. He looks very noble. Such a shame about the boots. They look nicely aged. Fab blog. x

  5. Oh my goodness, you are always finding such great boots. I would think that living in Houston, I would too but I hardly ever see boots....must look harder!

  6. I bought a pair of new black Laredo boots on 1/2 day
    For $12! Now I just need the outfit to go with them,
    Back to Goodwill I shop! Good find, lucky dad!