Wednesday, July 27, 2011

High Waist Jeans....

My niece and I wandered into an American Apparel Store the other day...I came across these jeans....they are priced at $80.00. When one wears these jeans it is important to go topless because the waistband will hit you just under your bra strap....ick..... I can save you $76.00 and send you to Goodwill where you can find entire racks of these 1990 Mom Jeans. Just try on a pair and see if you look like the SNL Mom Jeans Skit! Oh and if you happen to be over 22 all bets are off.


  1. Hahah... those are totally "mom" jeans. They will just find a new name to market them and make them "cool." So funny. :) I'm sticking with mid-rise! :)

  2. I don't get it. I'm seeing "high waist" on every fashion blog now and ICK is right. Everything old is new again. HA!


  3. I love that SNL skit, makes me laugh aloud whenever I see it. I especially love the husband's reactions to the wives wearing these lovelies!

  4. I know high waisted pants are out but at least you don't have that horrible "muffin top" that you get with "too tight" low rise jeans.

    My "skinny" size 2 grand daughters are going to have permament indentations where the "normal fat" has formed on their hips. These indentations show up even when undressed.

    Will these fat cells ever redistribute to form a normal, smooth hipline?

  5. YUCK! Maybe I should just buy all the 90's mom jeans I can find at my goodwill & sell them on ebay LOL