Friday, October 14, 2011

It was the winter of his discontent...

I had to have neuropsych testing done recently, and basically it is an eight hour test that shows memory, reasoning, mental abilities and things like that. I was in two car accidents back to back (neither one my fault) and I'm still working on recovering. It turns out it is a veerrry slow process. *read about it here. So during one of the memory tests the doctor gives you a list of twelve words and you say them back until you have remembered all of the words. First of all I know what you are thinking.....Oh, I couldn't do that either! Well, you might be right about that but this story is about me so focus....moving on....While he is listing the words, I am trying sooo hard to remember them, he finishes and says, "Ok, now your turn, repeat them back to me." No problem! I start to think about the words, and this is THE ONLY THING IN MY HEAD....

It was the winter of his discontent.........What the &%^(@! Try again! Think harder!
It was the winter of his discontent....over and over and over...So I started to laugh because of the absurdity of it all....and the giggles turn into laughter which turned into guffaws which led right into hysteria then weeping.....excellent.... No! I have no idea where that came from!! I had to go home and Google it....turns out it is a part of a Shakespeare play...and yes the doctor asked me earlier about Hamlet so maybe that is where it came from...but still.....*the real quote is, Now is the winter of our discontent. Richard III

So when I was decorating for Halloween I thought of the perfect decoration.......Soooo remember "The Shining" when Jack is working on a novel in the snowy hotel and when his wife goes to read it all it says is, "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." Yeah its like that.

Scared yet? Me too.

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  1. i cannot believe you went through such traumatic car accidents. you look great! and your writing is lovely!