Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Banner

I put together some Halloween decorations for my entryway...

I gathered some photos of our Halloweens past and made a banner out of it...

just print out some Halloween photos of the kiddies onto regular 8.5X11 paper...I used Microsoft Publisher to create a triangle template so I know where the photo should go, then printed them out, used a regular old hole punch in the top corners, and strung the entire thing with ribbon..Viola!

Now my boys are well past the trick-or-treat age, but I love taking a walk down memory lane....those faces are so sweet!


  1. Love that banner, what a fun cool DIY!

  2. This is the greatest idea Ever! I have a lot of Halloween pictures, almost as many as skiing pictures. The colors are really good. I think you are on to something here. Hopefully it will be picked up by other blogs. Ann

  3. i think the photos of halloween past are a fabulous idea! these must be so fun to look at!

  4. I have just visited a blog which has the same style as what you did and the both of you had done amazing jobs! I really have to start picking out my daughters' pics right now:-)