Friday, October 7, 2011

Time Warp

Images from Far From Heaven...

Ok, I don't want the story line....just the outfits!

Is is weird that I want to live like this? My grandparents house was mid century modern so it seems so cozy to me. Yes, I want to dress like that, I want my friends to come to my front door dressed like that as well. That is why my bestie Lisa gave me a Mad Men party for my birthday. Do you think I could talk everyone I know to put on their crinolines and high heels? Probably not but I'm in!

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  1. i so know what you mean. i started watching the new show pan-am and i love it--primarily because i love how people dressed at that time. i love that you'd get all dressed up to fly. now people on planes look like they just rolled out of bed! i've always wished i lived in a different time period!