Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pickled Green Tomatoes

My bestie Lisa returned from a trip only to find that her cherry tomato plant had produced a million little green tomatoes. She went online and found a recipe on how to pickle them and that is how it all started. You can find it here:

First, since we were scared to poison everyone with botulism, we sterilized all of the glass jars and rings in the dishwasher....we had Chines food delivered to pass the time....

Then you peel a billion cloves of garlic....make sure you wash your hands with a stainless steal soap bar or you will smell disgusting, but at least the vampires will stay away.....

You fill the clean jars with the herbs and garlic then come the tomatoes...

Pour in the brine...

don't they look cute!
(can pickles look cute?)

Then you put them in a GIANT pot of water to boil...and in six weeks you can eat them! I guess I will let you know how they taste in about six weeks! *Our friend Ellen said, "Oh, just like my uncle Hymie used to make!" You know if someone named Hymie used to make them they must be good!!


  1. These sound interesting. Will look forward to hearing if you liked them.

  2. My dad would LOVE these!