Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day...Holiday Scents

I received a nice little package in the mail today from Mrs. Meyers....she is sooo thoughtful!
hmmmmm...interactive presentation....just like a little peek-n-see book that smells delicious!

Iowa Pine.....yum It's like a Christmas Tree that lasts forever and doesn't make a mess!

Cranberry smells really clean and light...

Orange Clove smells like simmering cider on the stove....

Spice Cake smells like a holiday home full of delicious baked goods...

here is a fun idea for the fall....
add a delicious scent to your holiday vignette....

looks what's smells soo good!

It makes cleaning for the holiday seem like fun!
You can find the new scents on the store shelves starting October 16!

Thank you to Mrs. Meyer's for the fun package!



  1. Very cute

  2. Now, are these sheets? Crystals in a package? I'm sure I'd be sniffing that orange one all day, I love the smell of orange blossoms!