Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why ironing and snow go together

This one is really easy. Snow and ironing go together because when it snows I don't want to leave the house, I can stay in my pjs, and iron to my heart's content, and then my car stays un-wrecked. Yes I looove to iron, and no it isn't a mental illness. Ironing makes crumply things smooth. Natch.    I am crazy, but I have to say I draw the line at ironing my sheets. Now, you might be asking yourself...who in the h-e-double fishsticks irons their sheets? ALL my friends that's who. I'm not kidding when I tell you 5 of my friends iron their sheets and one friend who sends them out to be pressed. (And you thought I needed help)
So what I'm saying is that I think it is perfectly normal to iron everything but sheets. I finally stopped ironing my kids t-shirts. Even though my older son did complain that he likes his shirts "smooth".
Oh and I don't do dress shirts for my husband. We send them out. So maybe I meant to say I like to iron my things, and a few of their things.
Isn't it nice to see everything all nice and "smooth".  I think so too.
The other nice think is that when you hang like things together in your closet you can see that you might need to cut yourself off of buying gingham and plaid shirts.  (Don't worry I won't do that to myself, but at least I know I have a problem, even though I choose not to address it.)

And then you might say, wow that is A Lot of white shirts. I love a crisp white shirt can you tell?
Look at this cute Ann Taylor suit a found at Goodwill.  It is my third white suit this season.  Of course they all came from Goodwill!  I think they are all from the same donation.  They are all the same size and I found them within a week or two.  One is winter white, one is light-weight cotton, and this one is linen. Soo yes it will wrinkle again just by looking at it but so what I like to iron remember.  Have I ever worn a white suit?  No, but as you know I like to be prepared for my imaginary fabulous life.  YES I washed and ironed it myself.  I don't like dry cleaning. I think it smells disgusting and is full of chemicals.  No, my husband doesn't mind the chemicals because he is crazy not me. (For the record)


  1. I also like to iron and I don't iron sheets either but I DO iron pillow cases (and lightly starch them). I love the feel of a crisp, clean pillow case next to my face. I tell myself that it helps me sleep better! I iron t-shirts for myself but never ironed them for my sons because they didn't care as long as they were hung up as soon as they came out of the dryer. I tried ironing my husband's shirts but he liked them with a lot of starch and that was way too much trouble for me. They went out to be laundered. I like to do a pile of laundry at one time while watching a dvd or something mindless on television. Press on!!

  2. DeeAnna~
    Agree about the snow..
    I prefer the warmth inside..
    looking at the beauty outside!!
    no reason to be out on the streets!
    I do not like being a target!!
    there are some real crazies out there!!
    I'm not fond of ironing!
    I will press my clothes as necessary..
    or hubby's trousers occasionally..
    his shirts are sent out..
    (or rather picked up and delivered!
    awesome reasonably priced service!)
    okay..back to blogging..
    warmest hugs..

  3. ps.. I fold/hang all my clothes straight out of the dryer while they are still warm.. most need no ironing at all!

  4. The person who donated the three white suits is probably a nun, or evangelist. Wouldn't be a doctor because they would wear a lab coat. You have to teach the boys to iron before they go to college. They could probably learn right now. I have been wearing the Brooks Brothers shirts that don't need ironing. They are really nice. Did you ever think of getting a mangle? See La Dolfina's posts for clarification. You would love it! Ann