Thursday, February 2, 2012

The one where I nearly had a nervous breakdown in Goodwill

  Mondo and Lisa last year

It wouldn't have been my first nervous breakdown in Goodwill just so you know.  The good news is that this story has a happy ending.
Sooo yesterday I was shopping with a lovely news anchor in town.  We were getting ready for the Goodwill Clothing Exchange and Clothing Swap with Mondo!  She is the cutest thing ever by the way.  Well as you know shopping at Goodwill is always exciting, and yesterday was no exception.  She was kind enough to start trying on all of these cute dresses for the event, and I was bringing things to the dressing room for her to try on.  She came out of the dressing room in one of the outfits and we both went to the accessories section to see if we could find a teeny, tiny, wee little belt for her waist.  Did I mention that she is pregnant?  So we were looking for a little belt to fit over her baby bump.  As we were chatting and shopping and just Goodwill browsing, she makes her way back to the fitting room, and that is when I realized that someone else is in her dressing room trying on clothes.

Cue the sweating....because I start to think, "PLEASE oh please oh please DO NOT TELL ME that someone else could possibly be TRYING on Lisa's clothes."  The ones that she came in with.....Let me tell you that I AM NOT the type of person that could just knock on the dressing room door and say, "excuse me miss....can you please take off the news anchor clothing, that would be great thanks!"  Can you imagine someone coming out of the dressing room wearing Lisa's clothes, and then I would have to have a very strange conversation, needless to say,  I am frozen with fear.  I actually starting thinking, who do you call to sign up for unemployment...hmmm..I need to look into that......I didn't even know where to I tell Lisa?  do I get on my knees and say a prayer?  light a candle?  just get back to my car and drive off?   Whaaaaa......***Do I need to say here that my mind can take a situation and make a run with it? 
    Right then I noticed that she had her original clothing in her bag and that no one was trying it on.  Crisis Averted.


  1. haha. I would have panicked too! Thanks for the smile this morning.

  2. my, my...what to do ..what to do. Then it all works out!