Friday, February 3, 2012

This is our little secret

(This is just a re-enactment photo)

Yesterday was a fun day.  Fun like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  My son needed a ride home from school so during the middle of a very exciting game of Mahjong  I quickly left to pick him up.  Normally there isn't a car parked behind me in the driveway BUT yesterday my brother-in-law parked his Brand New Car riiiiiight behind mine. 

(Do you remember the term foreshadowing from high school English?)

Can you guess what happened next?  CRuuuunnccchhhhh.  Yeah.  I backed into his car.  I really shouldn't be allowed to get behind the wheel.  The good news is that it will be something to talk about in therapy next week!   The other good news is that he took it pretty well, and he claims it can just be "buffed out".   I plan on keeping this little detail to need to bother my husband with that little mishap.  My brother in law told me to keep the money for repairs to get my husband hair plugs.  At least he has a sense of humor.
So a friend offers to take me to school to pick up my son and WE BOTH FORGOT OUR CELL PHONES in all of the excitement and my younger son is nowhere to be found.  So I go into the weight room to look for my older son who just so happens to be in a dip contest with sweaty (stinky) high school boys cheering him when he's done I ask to borrow his phone.  Have you ever been lectured to by a high school boy about being responsible and keeping your phone with you at all times?  It's fun you should try it.
Found Son.  Snowed two feet, snow day from school.  I plan on never driving again.  Everyone should be relieved.  The End.


  1. Sorry that your mishaps are making me laugh such LOUD belly laughs, but you wrote about them Just Right. :)

  2. I did the exact same thing about a year ago. There is never anyone parked behind me because my husband is usually away. I backed right into the cleaning ladies car. I can't win. Ann