Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grandview High School Unified Basketball

My son Payton is an able-bodied helper on the Grandview High School Unified Basketball Team. I can't express how amazing the program is to everyone involved. The coaches, players, and helpers are all students working together to have a great athletic experience. Grandview High School also has a Unified Cheer Squad that cheers at all of the games. Keep the hankies handy! "Grandview High School is making a significant impact in changing their school climate to be inclusive and accepting of all students, including those with intellectual disabilities, setting a standard for Special Olympics Project UNIFY around the nation and inspiring many people in the Denver metro community and throughout the state! More than 85 students from Grandview HS are engaged in the school’s second-year program that includes Unified Cheer, Unified Basketball and Project UNIFY Partners Club and Youth Activation Committee. This innovative program is bringing young people together, both with and without disabilities, and it’s been a life-changing experience for the family, friends, community leaders, and sports fans around the Denver metro area who have been there this past year to cheer on a Colorado Special Olympic athlete compete on their high school unified team with the student body in attendance, the band playing and the cheerleaders cheering!" They are competing in a Top 9 News story contest, and you can vote for them here. You can watch the video and vote if you have a minute! Thanks!

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