Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WIWW All Dressed Up!

Everyone needs some cute summer dresses in their arsenal. You might as well pick them up at the GDub so you can have lots to choose from...
My poor children don't share the love of the camera. My husband is like our own family paparazzi...some like it some do not.
BCBG Dress (GDub...who else?)
Dexter Shoes....My new favorites! Goodwill!

Don't worry we took these pictures before his prom date came over....

My son is wearing my husband's tux.....he looks adorable in it!
(, husband doesn't wear it much)

Tip #1 Stand up straight.
(or else you will look pregnant in that dress.)

No Name Dress.....Goodwill!
Same Dexter Shoes....that is why I look so tall in this picture.


  1. What gorgeous finds! Perfect for summer.

  2. Pretty dresses! Love dresses in the summer...thanks for the welcome to WWIW. I think it is going to be fun:)!

  3. Cute as always! I have 2 sons, too. I can't believe they will be going off to prom in a few years! It's going so fast! Your sons are adorable!! :)

  4. Love the first dress the most!

  5. Both dresses are cute and look great on you! But the first one is my favorite! And what cute pictures with your boys! Your son looked very handsome in his dad's tux!

  6. I love both dresses, but I must admit that first one is outstanding! I scored a super cute LOFT blazer at Goodwill a few months ago (hasn't made a debut on the blog just yet). Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!!

  7. I am so guilty of not standing up tall and in some dresses people give me the look! Ahh. Goodwill rocks!

  8. Every time I look at your posts, I want to run to GW and see what I can find!!! Thanks :)

  9. I just found your blog and LOVE it!! I love Goodwill something crazy! And you have some awesome inspiration!! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  10. summer dresses are the best!