Thursday, June 16, 2011

Michelle Obama and Goodwill

This dress that First Lady Obama is wearing is from heard me! I love the fact that the First Lady wears off the rack clothing that everyone has access to.

So what does that have to do with Michelle Obama and Goodwill?

This skirt, that's what

$3.99? Love it!!

I love Michelle Obama's style, and I love it even more that you can find pieces at Goodwill for $4.00. Americans need to re-address our spending habits. Where to start? Goodwill of course!

*Excuse me, First Lady Obama but if you would like me to put together some more adorable outfits for you and the girls from Goodwill just let me know! I'm here to serve!


  1. What a cool skirt! I love her style too. You know she wore a consignment dress to a fancy event at the White House last year? It was high end, but very, very cool.

    Unrelated, Sarah Palin apparently likes to brag that her family mostly wears second hand, or at least she *did* at one point. She aint my favorite person but I give her brownie points for knowing a good thing when she sees it!

  2. Love it! haha. I love finding great scores at the thrift store.


  3. I *heart* Michelle Obama and I *heart* her thriftiness even more! She has great style!

  4. That's a nice skirt. I am amazed at all the cool things you find at the Goodwill!

  5. I love Michelle too!

  6. My friend Jen found great clothes @Goodwill. Love it!!!!!

  7. Wow, fab skirt! And agreed, so stylish and fiscally responsible at the same time.

  8. Love this! So much fun!

  9. Love it...I jsut started Goodwill shopping this past year and I've head great luck! I look for mostly Jcrew, Ann Taylor and Calivn Klein because that's what fits me best. I'm new here and I added you to my google reader.
    xo Jana