Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You say Pottery Barn...I say G-Dub

Pottery Barn......$59.00


You save $52.00....that buys a lot of chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers!

I like to use my galvanized bucket to place over our fire-pit at the end of the night. AFTER I douse the fire, I invert the bucket over it to keep any stray ashes from burning down the neighborhood. You're Welcome.


  1. I would never spend $59 on a galvanized tub, but my Hubby, well, he'd buy two. ; ) Thank goodness one of us is a GW addict - an early retirement is still within grasp. Great buy!

  2. Can you believe the stuff people will pay high price for, just because of the brand name!? I have WAY too much buyers remorse for that! Good find and great idea!

  3. I like your idea of the tub to cover the fire pit after a fire at night. I am always afraid a spark will start a fire too! (That's why we don't have one!)

    I love all of your GW deals.


  4. Great find, I am looking for one to put in my outside potting bench/bar combo. I KNOW not to pay big bucks for it:)!

  5. What a remarkable find... at such a good price. I love how you use it too. I am always dumping the water after the rain in my fire pit. Great idea!

  6. lucky you. i love me some galvanized tubs. they hold so much delicious beer.

  7. Great idea! Thanks so much for stopping by to see my laundry room. Your blog is great!

  8. $59??!!! Seriously??!!! Good grief!!! Yay $8!!!