Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eye Candy

People ask me all the time, "Do you actually buy shoes at Goodwill?" My answer is yes! Would I buy used flip flops or worn out running shoes? Don't be disgusting.......but these gently pre loved little numbers? Why yes, wouldn't you?!

Steve Madden


Mossimo New with Tags

I thought so.

You can de-germ-ify them with a little Vodka in a spray bottle, it might make you feel better, but people might think you had a vodka tonic for breakfast.


  1. I'm loving the first two pairs. Thrifting shoes has been quite the challenge for me lately. Love your style!

  2. Love this!! I've bought some of my best shoes and boots at Goodwill!! Totally in love!!

  3. you can always find lovely shoes at the thrift store. i found those:

  4. i bought three shoes of awesomeness from Goodwill this morning. And just a few months ago I thought I. would. never.

  5. I'm posting all week about my summer shoe collection although none have come from GW.

  6. Love the shoes!!! I tend to think of it as borrowing shoes from your best friend : )