Monday, June 27, 2011

Field Trip

We took a little trip to Marin....which is across the Golden Gate bride from San Francisco, this year is its 75th Anniversary. It really is a work of art.

I wanted to check out the GDub while I was there visiting my old neighborhood...
People email me all the time saying that thrifting in their area is difficult and they can't find quality goods. I will admit, you really had to look hard to find great things, but alas I did! I picked up a BCBG dress, a wrap shirt from an Irish company...(tags with the Euro price still attached) a pair of high waisted white pants, (tags attached) and two Marona dresses with the tags, and a Brooks Brothers tie. In the San Francisco area you can find really great vintage 70's shirts and pants, that I haven't seen in my area. I would recommend doing a Goodwill stop on your next vacation! I think it is interesting how donations differ from city to city. What does your Goodwill have to offer? Go check it out!


  1. I just moved to Maine a couple of years ago, and the biggest difference here from my Goodwill down south is all the seasonal clothing and ski equpiment. Also, there are TONS of LL Bean clothes on the racks here. In the beginning I was thrilled to find so much cool LL Bean gear, but now it's more "oh, another Bean sweater. Next!" LOL

  2. My closest Goodwill is full of discount store clothes. Of course, that makes the occasional find even more thrilling!

  3. We always go Goodwilling when we are on vacation...I got some great stuff in Orlando this past February and can't wait to go to in TN next month!

  4. I will tell you, i live(d) in Denver. We are in the process of moving to Texas and the stuff I have found here has been SO much better than I ever found in Denver. I tend to shy away from the cheaper brands in GW, however in my first GW trip here I scored a NWT Milly Dress (retail $305) NWT Tory Burch dress (retail $195)(both items had the Neiman's tags still- I took your advice and kept looking once I found one dress- and i am SURE the two were brought by the same lady!) two NWT Banana skirts, a vintage skirt (tags say handmade in italy- I think it might have been custom since there were no other tags), a pair of BR capris, a pair of PaperDenimCloth jeans (in very new condition) as well as a pair of Levis (that I googled and found were a euro version!) and a cute talbots skirt.... oh and did I mention, a pair of very lightly worn BURBERRY slides. For a grand total of $95. That is pretty rad. I think I might have a new addicition!

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    I am buying an airline ticket to Texas right now, so please pick me up at the airport and take me with you!!