Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Step One.

You know how the first step to fixing something is admitting it is a problem.  Well here it is:
I am the worst parker EVER.  It's not like I was in denial.  Lot's of people remind me.
You know those little cards you can buy that say, Nice parking job (*&^!!, well I decided that I should just keep one on my car at all times to save someone else the trouble.
There was a man in the grocery store parking lot that was looking at my car as I came out with my grocery cart and said, very enthusiastically I might add, "You are the worst parker EVER!!!!!"  to which I said, "I know, right?  I am the worst!"    well he had no where to go from there.  Sometimes you just have to own it.
Which brings us to the Post Office the other day, my arms full of boxes, and this very nice man parked next to me in a lovely car is trying to get into his car.  Trying is the operative word.  So he says, "You parked a little close!", and I said, "But you seem so thin!"  "Sir, I am the worst parker EVER!"  (insert smile and shrug)  He turned sideways and barely squeeezed himself into his beautiful car, and off I went into the Post Office trying not to laugh at my absurdly horrible parking issues.
So yesterday when I NEEDED some cupcakes I had to park in the hardest parking lot in town it happened again.  It has the best Jewish deli AND an amazing cupcake place so it is always busy and there is NEVER a spot.  Well the best spot ever opened up just as I pulled in.  It looked tricky and I just did the best I could.
I promptly took a picture and sent it to my friends with the caption, "Close Enough".
I crack myself up.  I like the part where my tire is almost on top of the concrete barrier thing.  You know when you hit it you say, "We're there!"
I do try to get it right, and when I'm parking it does seem like it's going well, it's just when I walk away and looked back I'm shocked at how my car doesn't really match up with the lines.  
I really don't want to take drivers training again in summer school, but it isn't looking good.  

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