Friday, September 14, 2012

I need to hire an assistant.

To sit next to me on an airplane ride and talk to me about Lutheran theology.  You heard me.  My husband and I didn't get to sit next to one another so I picked the next best seat, the one with the young man holding a sleeping baby.  If you were on an airplane in the 90's and had to listen to two screaming children that was me.  Soooorrrryyyyy!  Anywaaay, so I'm sitting next to this young man and an adorable sleeping baby in a pink onesie and we get to chatting.  Turns out he AND his wife are Lutheran ministers traveling with their 3 children.  I am normally TERRIFIED to fly but I felt really safe sitting next to a minister holding a wee baby.  That is good flying karma in my estimation.  He was really interesting and so cool and hip.  Thank you Reverend Flying Buddy!  (are you available for my trip home?) 

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