Monday, September 17, 2012

Our little Vay-cay

 It is Fall already on the Central Coast in California!  We went to visit my son who is going to college there.  Lucky dog.
 Do you see the maniacal look on his face?  That is because I squirrel is about to climb up my leg and I didn't want to freak out and fall off of the cliff!  The squirrels are over-fed and will come right up to you for food.  (and to bite you, if you ask me.)  Monterey is the Native American word for "jacked up hair".  You have no idea how crazy frizzy my hair can get!  I put it up, but upon closer inspection I am not very cute bald.
 We were missing the little one!  awwwww
You know how skinny jeans and striped shirts with sparkly Top Siders look AHmahzing on Pinterest?  They look kind of shlumpadinka in real life.  We had a blast and I already miss my boy!!

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