Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 This is the actress Kathleen Robertson that plays Kitty O'Niell on the tv show Boss.  You can catch it On Demand or maybe on Netflix.  I love her smart-girl/naughty secretary look!   The buttoned up hot librarian look is really hot this fall, and since I enjoy dressing like Don Draper's secretary I am alll set.
Now let's talk about Kelsey Grammer's character.  He is soooo scary!!  He plays the fictional mayor of Chicago.  If you get in his way watch out!!!   Does anyone watch television on the television anymore?  It seems like I watch entire seasons On Demand or on my IPad.   I started out watching Breaking Bad on Demand and I was soooo addicted!  Boss is coming in a close second.  As for most of my time I blog for a living so it makes blogging for fun.....well less fun.  Now that my boys are back in school I thought I would have more time, but so far not so much!!

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