Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Faith is all it is.

 My son the 66 year old Rabbi.

Ok so my son is 16 going on 66.  He vacillates between wanting to be a physicist or a rabbi or both.  So the other night we were discussing faith and crazy religious beliefs.   I personally believe that ALL faiths sound crazy to ALL other faiths.  That is a fact.   Sooo as I am trying to make my point I say,

"What if aliens came down and we told them that our religion believes that a baby boy's genitals must be altered on his eighth day of life, then we cater a party."   (bris or circumcision...look it up)

The aliens would think that we are all crazy!

Whereupon he says,

"Who is to say that aliens are bipods anyway."

wait. what?

That is just sad when conversing with your baby son requires a dictionary.

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