Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Little Mint

Did you know that mint is THE color of the season? Well it is, get with the program. To celebrate I have grown 6,000 acres of mint on the side of my house. No, I didn't even try. I planted one teeny tiny mint sprig and now I could open a farm stand.
Hey did I tell you about the time a few years ago when my next door neighbor and I decided to create the "perfect" mojito one summer afternoon? I'm not sure if the final mojito was perfect or not but lets just say I had to ask someone else to pick up my kid from baseball practice. I haven't had one sip of any libation in a few years because I was in a car accident and one of the very interesting side effects of being conked on the head really hard is that one drop of alcohol makes me get the bed spins even if I'm standing up.  NOT entertaining at all. But if you are interested in creating the perfect mojito I have a lot of fresh mint for you.

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