Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Laws of attraction.

So a few months ago I was shopping with my friend Ashley and we came across these figurines of ugly 1970's children. So I blogged about it here.  Now fast forward about a month and a half and what do I come across in a DIFFERENT THRIFT STORE in an entirely DIFFERENT LOCATION?
What the heck?  Are these two following me?  Don't answer that.

What is up with the open mouthed children anyway?  1970's what was going on that this was considered cute?    Icchhhhhkkkk.

Those of you who are seasoned thrifters, have you noticed this phenomenon?  Once you find one weird thing you keep noticing it over and over?  I do!

*nightmares on the horizon I can just tell.


  1. So weird - just got back from a garage sale and they had those bottom 2 figures for sale, just painted differently.
    I should have taken a picture!

  2. Anonymous, Seeee! Now they are following you too!!

  3. I agree!!!!!!!!!! I find the same weird stuff at thrift stores all the time! Right now I keep seeing the same ugly Christmas sweater .... baa haa ha .... check this out ...
    I could buy more but that would just be weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pippa

  4. I agree!!!! I keep seeing the same creepy Ugly Christmas Sweater ...

    I could keep buying more but not sure WHY?????????? ha ha ha ... pippa

  5. Personally, I would be totally freaked out!!! But that's just me.....;)