Friday, May 18, 2012

I was browsing through Goodwill the other day working on this image that I had in my head. I saw a similar image on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it here. I was deep in Goodwill thought and looked up to see two ladies that I know. They heard that I shopped at Goodwill all the time and said. "Oh my gosh here you are!! We just said how funny it would be if we actually SAW you here!" It was their first time inside the store so I offered to help them shop. But I could tell by their body language and severe nervous eye-shiftyness that they weren't quite sold on the whole GDub experience. As I chatted and browsed the racks I realized that they were a little hesitant to actually touch the merchandise and then one said. It smells really bad in here.    Now comes the sad part. I have a bionic nose and couldn't smell a thing.    Oh that is the smell of SAVINGS! (I just came up with a new Goodwill slogan!!)   So I turn around for ONE second and they made a run for the parking lot! Which is sad because I ended up finding two vintage Evan Picone dresses and LOTS of other stuff for myself. OK ladies the image above are the dishes that I had in my hand when we ran into each other. Don't they look pretty when you walk out of the store? I am impressed that you even tried it! I think you have to find ONE amazing thing and you will be back for more. Try it one more time, that is what Purell is for.

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