Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shout Color Catcher

 So you know that I love to do laundry.  I am not being sarcastic.  I looove it.  Since super saturated colored jeans are staples in my closet this summer I had to bust out the Shout Color Catcher.
 I really hate the commercial when the lady says, "oh you don't have to separate your laundry, who has time for that?  Just throw in a Shout Color Catcher!"  How lazy do you have to be to shove all of your laundry in and then just hope for the best?  Yuck.  Everyone knows that separated laundry all sorted by color and levels of filth is fun.  You don't know about the "levels of filth rule"?  Well if you have boys, children, partners, animals, athletes, dog washers.....basically anyone else you know that there is nooo way I'm putting my son's dog washing clothes in the laundry with my cute jeans.  His dog filth would be all over my non-filth.  So I have to sort by "level of filth".  Remember the time my husband "helped me with the laundry" and did two loads.  The top half of the hamper and the bottom half.  So basically all I could think about is that he washed my childrens boxers with the dish towels.  I did say thank you and tried to hide the dry heaves.   The thought of  that combo makes my hair fall out.  So basically I had to re-wash everything in the house in boiling hot water and Purell.  
Loook!  Now that Color Catcher Caught some serious Color.  Now if they would just come up with a laundry cooty catcher they could make a million dollars! (from me alone!)

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