Friday, September 2, 2011

One Happy Baby!

My mom nearly had a nervous breakdown when she saw a picture of my son about to eat shrimp when he was a baby. Some of my family members have some serious allergies to shellfish. It is so bad for my mom that she has to wear a medical alert bracelet. no joke. So basically my boys were banned from then on.
Is that the happiest baby you have ever seen?

So what is this... an art installation? Me going crazy with the label maker? No, it is just what has been keeping me from blogging lately.....
My sons have an allergy disorder that is being studied at the moment. I had to bring in 30 different foods that are common and uncommon triggers. For their entire lives we thought that they were allergic to shrimp and any sort of they haven't been able to eat shrimp or clam chowder...(even though we lived in San Francisco and it was their favorite food.)

It turns out he was allergic to every single thing on the list guessed it...SHELLFISH! Yes he is allergic to ranch dressing, carrots, cucumbers, melon, and the WORST trigger on the list? Broccoli! he wasn't sad about that....the list goes on and on and on, but not shrimp. Who would have thought.
The good news is that he still is a happy baby and can amuse himself in the doctors office. Which is good since we were there three days this week. So he ate about a pound of shrimp when we got happy boy.

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  1. That skewer is giving me hives!! Is that why your son is wearing glasses in the second picture?!
    Interesting info..on the allergies. Keep us posted..thanks for sharing.-ann