Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Lounging Around

About a year ago I saw a pair of metal lounge chairs at Goodwill. As I was walking toward them I saw another lady approach them as well. I sped up a little...she sped up..she happens to be on her cell phone asking someone if she should buy them. We got to them at the same time, she politely took the tag (whoever gets the tag gets it) and said, "Would you like one of them?" I said no because I didn't want to to break the set. Then I became obsessed with finding another one. Maybe I should clarify...I became obsessed with finding another one (or two) at Goodwill.

Finally! I came across another one the other can bet I snatched the tag right away. If you shop thrift you know that for some reason $24.99 seems like waaaaay to much. But I had been pricing them and realized that you couldn't even find a cushion for $24.99. So I brought it home with me.

Here it is in its kelly green glory. Very 1990.

Remember the decade of the ivy leaf? Me too. Don't worry, I'm going to cover that bit up.

*HOT TIP Use Petroleum Jelly to cover the parts that you don't want the paint to stick to.

This job took a lot of spray paint! I think I used six or seven cans.
Ahhh what a perfect dog bed.

You are not going to believe this but after looking all over town for a chair cushion....I came across a brand new one at Goodwill for $2.99!

Ahhh....we have another month before the snow will begin to fall. What a perfect spot all for less than $30.00.


  1. Awesome find DeeAnna!!
    we are gonna have to do another meet up and lunch!!
    that was so fun!!!

  2. Great chair! And what kind of dog is that? He/she is ADORABLE! :)

  3. That is so cool! I haven't found anything like that thrifting yet but now I am going to be on the look out for sure!


  4. What color is the paint? I am looking to cover my fireplace tool set and basket and I want something in a bronze that is like a dark bronze which is what the chair looks like , but I never seem to know what to get at the store. The cans all look alike how do you decide what color?

  5. Robert, I'm not sure of names of the colors that I used. The spray paint that I used is textured, and I don't think it would work on a fireplace tool set. Home Depot has special paint for fireplaces, you might have to ask for it.
    As for the color...normally the cap is the color of the paint. I used two different colors to get the look that I ended up with. Hope you aren't even more confused!

  6. Granted I do not visit my Goodwill more than once every 2 weeks, but they never have the nice things you seem to get. Maybe no one in my area wants to get rid of anything nice :)