Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hot Off the Presses!

and by presses I mean the Goodwill truck.
I came across this boot in the September 2011 Anthropologie kind of looks familiar.....
it looks a lot like some of the boots I have found at various Goodwill stores around the Denver area...
love these.......(too big for me, but stay tuned for my epic Halloween post coming up in the next few weeks. Think Water for Elephants...Big Fish....Our Gang.....)
Where is John Travolta in his white suit when you need him? 70's style is making a huge comeback this fall!
Catrina just took these babies off my hands....yes I am a personal shopper with a built in delivery son acts as the "mule". It is all on the up and up.

Makes you want to go to Goodwill doesn't it? Thought so.


  1. I've been watching my goodwill for a couple of months for a good pair of boots. It takes a lot of patience to find the right style AND the right size but it's so much cheaper. I can't believe the prices of brand new boots! I can't afford them so I'll keep patiently hunting.

  2. I have been painting shoes boots slippers cleats for a few months, I have run through most of my own and few commissions. Great idea to check out Goodwill for some more inspiration, and if they fit, so much the better.

    thanks Dee!

  3. I love your boots, my favorite pair is in the second picture! Stylish yet worn. Very nice.


  4. I need to plan a trip to Denver to thrift;) Amazing finds.