Monday, August 22, 2011

What does laundry and vodka have in common?

No there is no punchline.....I just like to add a little vodka to my laundry. Don't worry this isn't becoming a laundry blog. But lets face it, laundry is a never ending battle, you might as well learn to at least get along. I love to thrift, and sometimes I feel like I am "rescuing" a piece from the thrift store. The least I could do is clean him up and make him presentable.


  1. great tips Deeanna. Love Mrs Myers, I will have to start ordering online. My Target has such a limited quantity. Lemon is also my favorite scent.

  2. Now vodka in the laundry room..........not sure my husband would even believe me!! He'd probably think I was a closet alcoholic! ;-)