Thursday, August 18, 2011

Laundry Tips and Recipes!

I am obsessed with The Laundress Blog. It started with two girls in NY who started a line of high end laundry products. They have all sorts of fabulous laundry paraphernalia for sale. What fun! I am not kidding when I say I love to do laundry and to iron! I know that might sound crazy to some of you but it seems that my closest friends love to laundry too! Candis, Lisa, Mary, Sandy...all ironers. All Rowenta lovers. Birds of a feather laundry together!So I was reading the Laundress blog and they were talking about scented vinegar to remove odors and help with hard water. It seemed a little crazy to spend $12.00 on a tiny bottle of vinegar, so I used Mr. Google to show me how to make my own.
First you start with White Distilled Vinegar...

add you favorite essential oils...I chose lemon, orange, and cedar. You can pick up essential oils at Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, Vitamin know....crunchy-granola-type places. For this size vinegar bottle I used 20 drops of lemon...5 of each orange and cedar.

Why yes that is lemon vodka you see there on the left. Lemon vodka can be sprayed into shoes and clothing to clean and disinfect them. (yes, be careful) You can also spray lemon vodka as you would Febreze. Air fresheners gives me headaches, and I think they smell disgusting!! OK vodka can give you headaches too, but we're spraying it not drinking it!
So then I had to make a cute label because I didn't want the ugly vinegar label feeling bad next to my cute Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. Yes I do have a little time on my hands...why do you ask?
I labeled mine "for laundry". As if I have to worry about anyone else in my house doing laundry or cooking for that matter...yes I know Lisa, I made my own bed...


  1. Fun! Totally doing this. Also, any chance you stopped over at goodwill on parker and belleview today?? I'm sure I saw you as I was leaving (with two screaming kids in tow, who were NOT interested oin shopping today!) Find anything great??

  2. Katie,
    I was at Parker and Belleview! I think I saw you in the parking were wearing a cute maxi dress right? I didn't find anything...which is RARE! I did come across a pair of cowboy boots but they were too big...dang it!

  3. Ha! Yes, that was me. I spoted those boots too, too big for me, too small for hubby! Bummer.

  4. Question, do you add the scented vinegar to the washing machine? Rinse cycle? If so, how much do you add? If not, then do you use as a spray when you are ironing? If not, what is it used for (it's Friday and it's been a long week)? I find that if I keep a bottle of flavored vodka in the laundry room, laundry duties are waaay more fun ;)

  5. Kath,
    I use either the vodka or the vinegar in the washing machine. I add it in the fabric softener dispenser thing...I use about a half to a full cup depending on what I'm washing. I put the vodka away normally...I just busted it out for the photo! (2 teenage boys coming and going with their friend doesn't call for free flowing vodka!) I use the spray like Febreze. On coats, or smelly the boys smell like they've been tossing back vodka before a game...really is that so bad? :)

  6. Thanks for this tip! I am a crazy laundry person also. I don't really like anyone else doing my laundry, because they might miss the stains. I figure there is usually about $300 worth of stuff in the washer each time. I have been toying with making my own detergent. The results seem to be really good. Fels Naptha, baking soda, and washing soda. (which is baking soda that has been cooked?) I usually don't put water in my iron because I hate when it spits out rusty stuff. My favorite thing is soaking. Soaking overnight with water and white vinegar is supposed to be really good for clothes. Ann

  7. I've never used vinegar in my laundry but I have used lots of baking soda. Like when I forget to take it out of the washer and it sits in there for a couple days. I know that never happens to anybody but me, right? It smells all kinds of funky. So I just run the washer again and add about 3/4c. baking soda and the odor is gone.

    Will probably try this with lavender oil since I have some on hand. Thanks

  8. I'm with Nutbird, I also make my own liquid laundry soap (well, it was a gel until I poured the leftover Purex in that my college bound daughter left. I'll have to get lemon vodka. I'm experimenting with making my own scented vinegar by stuffing a quart mason jar with orange peels and pouring white vinegar over it.

    I'm going to try leaving out some linens in the sun. I've just started working on them for a friend.

    And have you made it to the Boulder GW yet? I need to talk to you about looking for a pair of Western boots for me.

  9. Great post! I think it's cool you made it into a little project for yourself. My friend and I actually started a laundry service from our homes and the uses for white vinegar just go on and on. We actually put about a 1/4 cup in the rinse cycle for every load. It acts as a natural fabric softner, saves money, and helps keep your HE washing machine clean at the same time.