Monday, August 22, 2011

Deelicious Laundry

Whether you share my love of laundry, or you find it a chore, these delicious smelling laundry products might just change your mind!

Mrs. Meyers lured me in when the Lemon Verbena scent was offered at Target for about a day and a half a few years ago. They no longer carry that scent, so now I have to buy it online. If you friend them on Facebook they will let you know when they have sales or have Free Shipping! Oh, let me mention that they offered Free Shipping! one day after I had mine shipped....dang it!

Mrs. Meyers also carries a line of cleaning products in the same scent. Your entire house can smell clean and lemony. *Here is a little tip. The dryer sheets smell so good you can use them around the house to freshen things up. I even put them under the seats of my car so keep thing smelling nice.
The Lavender is nice, but Lemon Verbena is my favorite! I have the most sensitive nose on the planet, and sometimes just walking down the detergent aisle can give me a migraine. All of Mrs. Meyers products are lightly scented and smell delicious.
Here is a little sneak peak of a recent Goodwill Haul ready for the laundry!

Mrs. Meyers is not paying me to say these lovely things. I am available however if she changes her mind. just saying.

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