Monday, August 15, 2011

Never a Dull Moment (the revised edition)

Any questions?

OK since you asked: Here is She Said/ He Said

Me: Don't use the blender because the glass has a slight crack in it...

Him: Ok, will you pick up a new blender...(not at the GDub)

Me: Sure.
Fast Forward.....(I forgot to pick up blender.....go to the gym....)

Him: Decides to use the blender anyway...(well I forgot to get a new one I will give him that)...puts ALL the fixins in the blender to make a smoothie...Blender glass explodes, he's not sure of the details, but perhaps he tried to "catch" the glass.......blood and smoothie all over the kitchen.....younger son (15) cleans the wound, patches him up, mops up the blood and gore with three beach towels.......then calls my cell phone which is sitting on our kitchen counter. oopsie

Me: I'm at the gym doing some serious Zumba moves working up a glistening glow....(and by glow I mean sweat running down my nose and onto my shirt)...Oh and I have naturally curly (and by curly I mean frizzy) hair......come home with a very frizzy, home perm, looking scenario on my head.....wait, did I mention I was wearing gym shorts and a super-hero t-shirt of my sons?.........Take my husband to the ER.......they stitch him up.....I fret over my jacked up hair/ outfit being seen in public......

Him: Let's stop by Costco on the way home to buy a blender so I can make another smoothie.

Way to get back on the horse!!

The End.


  1. Poor/pour guy!! Man, is that a pained look or what..details, details of the story. (I hope his golf swing isn't affected..)If the blender burned out, I know this great store called you can find a new one there..(trying to be funny..maybe not a good time..okay..I'll stop..)
    Heal quickly! You are a great nurse D, he's lucky to have you! -ann

  2. Poor Boo-Boo Boy!! Glad he's going to survive! And hope you got that new blender!!

  3. Three beach towels?! Really?

    Reminds me of the day The Mr. was drilling holes for the kitchen cabinet knobs. He drilled right through the inside of his elbow. The
    shirt and drill was embeded in arm so there was not that much blood, which is a good thing or else he would have also had a concussion from falling on the floor.

    Most important part of this story... I do not usually get all gussied up, or brush teeth or hair, when doing projects around the houe on Saturady mornings.

    All I'm saying is that he got to the ER a few minutes before I did.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Bunny Jean's Decor and More! (my main blog)

  4. Well, it could have been worse, he could have cut his face. Now that would have been hard to explain at work. Ann