Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Buy American!

Remember back in 2007 when the US recalled pet foods that were made in China? The food was tainted with melamine (a chemical used to make plastic). Some US companies were importing rice that had been laced with this chemical to increase the appearance of protein levels. After that eye-opener I decided to buy American made products. I had no idea how difficult, ok nearly impossible, that would be. Every product label I read said "Made in Somewhere Else!". The dollar spot at Tar-jay? Forget it. Every single thing is "Made in Somewhere Else". Food?! You guessed it. "Not Made Here!" . I'm not going to get into the huge political fight right now that this seems to create. I grew up in the Central Valley of California where 90% of American produce was grown. Not any longer....remember the housing boom? Farmland was turned into they are vacant sad. When you have a choice buy US produce. (the farmers will rejoice)

Rambling? Perhaps? So what does this have to do with
thrifting and Buying American? Oh I am so glad that you asked. Each item donated to thrift stores that help communities, churches, food banks, charitable organizations...creates American dollars. Those dollars are put back into your community. (Be careful when you donate...some thrift store chains are "for profit".) "Goodwill Industries International enhances the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach their fullest potential". I know that other thrift stores help with other specific needs in your community. Shop where your dollars count.

I'm so thankful for individuals and families that donate their previously loved items to "charity". I can't imagine someone throwing out clothing or household items can you? Our great grandparents would have been shocked at what we throw away or deem "unusable". Keep donating, bring you children to drop off items so that they learn the importance of giving back.

Just a little something to think about! Do you feel like your hands are tied right about now with the political fighting? Do what you can, donate and Buy American, buy thrift!


  1. Wonderful post, I think thrifting is a win-win for everybody. By buying secondhand I'm able to afford quality products at less than Walmart made in wherever prices, and the money goes back into my community.

  2. You sing it!
    Well said. Excellent points and a good reminder --we can all do something to pump our money back into our economy. With all the trouble going on right now, folks forget how much power they have by where they choose to spend their money.

  3. AMEN sister!! I am continually trying to convince friends & family that buying thrift (and re-donating what we don't use/need/wear) is 150% acceptable!! I get giddy when I find something that I'm thrilled with at a small fraction of retail - and I love knowing that shopping our local Goodwill & Salvation Army stores is helping the community in which I live! AND....I have more $$ in the bank!! A win-win for everybody!

  4. Funny thing is Thrift is about the only thing left that is American.