Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My day in photos

I'm vacationing in sunny California at my parents house.  We always start out the day with a long walk in the amazing park by their house.  My mom has been walking with the same ladies for 25 years.

Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful in my dad's mowing shoes.....*Note to self...Need to buy dad a new mower.  That thing is tooo hard to push!
Yes, my mom asked me to bury the dog's ashes.  Brie (the dog) died yeeeeeaars ago.  But I said yes and dug the hole.  We put up a cross with her doggie tags.  My parents promised my sons that they would bury her in the yard.  So I did.

My parents have a beautiful forest in their back yard.
I swear my parents are running a spider sanctuary.  If you have arachnaphobia then you shouldn't move to central California.  The spiders out number the people 30-1. (at least)

I love doing floral arrangements so I made a lot of those.
My mom also lets me rearrange her stuff and redecorate anything I want.  
See where I get my love of industrial chic?
 Fun fun fun!!!

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