Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here are the before photos....

If you have sensitive eyes...avoid this post! This is our guest room where spare furniture goes to die an ugly death. Maybe I tried to make it extra uglier for the before photo...okay maybe it already was extra ugly. Just trying to keep it honest for y'all.
Remember back in the old days when televisions were two feet deep...yeah me too. That is why this armoire is way to big. It is at Goodwill right now on Parker Road and Belleview, along with a truck load of other furniture....go look!
Crunched up day bed.....booooring.....Oh and the bookcase to the left of the photo hold 9,000 sports biographies that my husband insists that he will read someday in his "spare time". hmmm Anyone ever hear of the word Kindle?
Don't tell the husband but that loud racket of a ceiling fan is on its way oooutt! (why do men love ceiling fans and when was the last time he was even in the guest room?) This room is booring and I should get some kind of reward sharing its fugliness on this blog!
I can't wait to see Tami work her magic.
Have I mentioned that I am the worst design client she has ever encountered? I gave her this picture that I like then said. I just like the I don't like owls....or any kind of blue...or symmetry...I like the essence of the image...Oh, don't re-arrange the books....make sure they go back in order...(someone may or may not have OCD and he knows when one book is moved...just an observation not a condemnation:) Oh it goes on and on....she will be happy when this is over!!
Thanks Tami and Tim! You two are the best!

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