Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beautiful on a Budget

You know that I truly believe that you can have beautiful things while sticking to a budget. Take this beautiful tufted bed that I just put in my guest room. You will never guess where I bought not the GDub...I found it at Big Lots! I know!! Crazy! It was on clearance for $239.00. I found the Serta mattress there also...I know, I was shocked myself. The bedding is from Tar-jay of course. If you would like to know any further details leave a comment and I will ask Tami from Zeal Denver.
Speaking of Big Lots...that is where the chair came from also! $99.00
The mirror is Ikea and the fur rug came from Costco! You can stay on budget, and have an amazing guest room to show for it! (The doggie loves the mirror, but don't worry she is NOT allowed in there!)

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