Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Love Thrifting Day!

This is Lisa who is also known as The Goodwill Gal!  I swear we were cut from the same cloth.  I thought we would be best friends for life, but then she saw all my GDub stuff in the basement and called me a hoarder.  Hey!  Takes one to know one!  Moving forward.
 Here we are cleaning out the Stapleton store.  It was 50% day, what can I tell you.  Look at my cart.  Yeah about that hoarding thing... DeeAnna, Lisa, Gina, her friends, Diana, Kathe with an E, DeAnna, Elaine, and Josette!  Thanks for joining us ladies!!
After lunch most of us went to the Monaco store.  I'm hoping that Lisa and I didn't run off the rest. (mostly her) A quick stop at Starbucks and we went to the Belleview store.  There is no photo prof of this for some reason.  Then Lisa took some photos of my "office" where my collection of GWill things live.  She was amazed! (jealous/might turn me into the tv show hoarders)
I was very busy collecting things for a tv spot that I'm shooting on Friday morning!  (that is my excuse for having a full cart everywhere we went!)  Stay tuned for the video.

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