Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goodwill Hunting...

What do you do when you have friends come in from Canada? Easy, you take them on a field trip to the GDub!
We like to start them early.
(No I'm not a janitor, I'm not sure why my keys are hanging out of my pocket.)

Look at her outfit! Sooo meee. Skinny jeans, riding boots, and a red pea coat. Ahhh a girl after my own heart. She was determined to find something to take home with her.
My little Canada Girl found an appropriate t-shirt! I had such fun shopping with my friends. Their suitcases were full! (Yes, I let them look around the rest of Denver.)


  1. i laughed at your janitor comment! ha! i have been so upset lately--my goodwill has gone downhill bad! but we did have our yearly clothes swap party on sunday, so i got a few "new" things. :)

  2. I've been out hunting! My closet was so full I did a free for all 'swap' at work. Basically I took in a huge bag and told the office gals to go for it. LOL Now I have room for more. ;-)