Monday, August 30, 2010

Thrifting 101

A beautiful day for thrifting!

Very empty parking lot. Wait what time is it again?

Get there early. You know that I have this crazy time issue so basically I just look at the small hand and then guess. Maybe that is why the parking lot is empty. I wanted to get there early but maybe not this early. Oh well.

50% off day.....

Don't worry I brought coffee...In my favorite cup.

Hey Lady! You don't just pull up and get our of your car and go stand in the front of the line. Do you see us waiting here?

Seriously some people have no G-Dub manners!

Dang it! Coffee on my shirt already?! Good thing I'm at the G-Dub!

(Clearly that lady's fault)

These things work great, keep some in your glove box.

On to shopping....

The Must Have Gladiator Sandal.....I don't care what the stores are telling you, it is not Fall in most parts of the country. We still have a few months of warm weather. Pick them up and then re-donate when the snow starts to fall.

The Fall Clog....a wardrobe MUST this season!

(picked these up for a half-off song!)

OK I live in Colorado, and I grew up in cowboy country so really who could resist these turquoise boots! Not my size but I could sell them on ebay. I need to think about it BUT put it in your cart while you think!!

I sell some things on ebay, but I know that athletic equipment sells well. These golf shoes are Foot Joy and they were in great shape! The magic eraser will get the scuffs on in a blink!

What is this little number? My friend Ellen was looking for a small bar height table, oh and the chair came with it! I put that little thing in the back of my car to be delivered. It was less that $8.00. I'm not joking. Half off day is the way to go!!

Holy Moly! Each one of these side tables were $3.50. I have no where to put them, and I was afraid to put them in the garage. My husband does not like the Sanford and Son look. These were hard to leave behind. With a little white paint they would be great for a little girls room. All for the price of a latte apiece!

YIKES......keep walking......don't turn around!

just keep moving, why would anyone buy this? Everyone knows these things come to life and run down the street at night!

Crazy nightmare inducing horribleness.

Jacuzzi Tub. Nuff said.


1. Go early!

2. Don't buy things that you think will fit someday, or it is such a bargain that you can't pass it up. If you are just going to re-donate it in 6 months it isn't a bargain after all.

3. You have to leave your retail shopping ideas behind. Thrift stores have off season merchandise as well as timely merchandise. Buy for next season when you see great pieces.

4. Ask about the return policy. My G-dub has a 10 day return policy. You have to return it to the location from where it was purchased.

5. If you wait it will be gone. If you need to think about something put it in your cart. If you don't someone else will pick it up. You don't need to buy it, but thrift stores are one-of-a-kind places. They don't "re-stock". Once it is gone it is gone. That's what makes it fun!!


  1. Good pointers! I never dreamed you could return stuff to the Goodwill...I guess ya learn something new everyday!

  2. Thanks for the birthday was a lovely day and I was showered with love from family and friends.

  3. That was hilarious! The creepy christmas lady, I am envisioning her running down the street! Why don't we get the 50% off days? I never see that.