Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Walk in My Shoes...

Once upon a time I had the cutest Steve Madden Clogs ever! They were so cute my friend Mary bought a pair too. (Then we came dressed to a party exactly the same...oooops!)

Then we bought a cute puppy named Mighty Casey....

Her favorite thing to eat was shoes... and so went my cute Steve Maddens. She only ate one, but it is hard to clomp around on one clog....

soon we became friends again....

although she didn't observe my personal body space rule.....

But that's okay because look what I found this week at my local G-Dub!!! If you want something enough it will come back to you-- sometimes through the Goodwill!!! (these are the brown variety, but I love them just the same!!)


  1. Dee...I cannot beilieve all of the cool stuff you find at the Goodwill. I go and look...but never find too much. My husband says that some areas have better stuff than others. You must live in one of those areas!

    Hey...your big doggy is so cute! He was an adorable puppy too.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. yeay, you got your shoes back!! and OMG your dog is HUGE.

  3. Cute shoes and even cuter YOU and Doggie!

  4. Um. Is it wierd that the EXACT same thing happened to me, except with a different pair of Steve Madden clogs and it was a rummage sale, not the GW? Yay!

  5. love these shoes! and your blogso i gave it an award here...

  6. very pretty! And at goodwill?? Wow. And that dog is HUGE!! :) (And cute.)