Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Haul at the G-Dub!

Major Haul at the G-Dub yesterday, which is a good thing, because I thought that I was losing my thrift-store mojo.
But don't worry yesterday brought my thrifty back! I will break it down slowly.

NEW Calphalon Grill Pan......What?!
Retails for $110, I picked it up for $10.99, yes a little high for the G-dub, but I've been eyeing this grill pan for some time, who knew I would find it there?
More to can't take this in all in one day trust me.


  1. Holy smokes!!! That's insane! Oh I see those shoes. You have to post about those!! :)

  2. Awesome! Loving your cart full of treasures! Would you believe that my G Dub doesn't have shopping carts for customers?

  3. I am just not that lucky. I try my local shop and.....nothing! Maybe I just don't know what to look for??????? Who knows. You inspire me to try again.

  4. Hey! Not nice, I want to see it all now! Great find on the grill pan. I love calphalon. Only thing I found today at GW was an old picnic basket. But for 1/2 off!

  5. WOW That's a lifetime keeper! I love all my calphalon :)