Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mad Men Office Furniture

Don Draper can take me for a spin in this little office chair anytime! This little cart is perfect for a brand new electric typewriter! This is the second little rolling cart that I have found this month. This one is industrial green, but I'm going to paint it silver or "aluminum" I think. I can't decide if I want to paint the chair black or leave it as is... we'll see. I love the retro office look! I'm going to put on my best secretary outfit, bust out some bubblegum ciggies and hang out in my office for awhile.
I love these little Goodwill Gems!
Antique Office Chair from the Macey Company 1929-1950ish--$16.99 (what am I rich?)
Rolling Cart--$5.99
Mad Men Deliciousness--Priceless!


  1. That looks great!! Spacify offers wide range of Executive Office Furniture in many designs for your office Executives.

  2. yh this looks very retro, the kind of style i like!