Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can you do a garden wedding for under $500.00?

EVERYTHING is from Goodwill...Dresses, Suits, Childrens' Clothes, Bouquets, Serving Pieces, Furniture....EVERYTHING! Yes, even my outfit! You can too, if you shop at Goodwill! I was on 9News here in Denver showing how to put together a beautiful wedding for under $500.00, wedding dress included!

This is kind of a long segment, but it shows the amazing finds from my favorite store The G-Dub!


  1. What a hoot! What were your ratings? Why wasn't the sportscaster in the wedding? Great job Dee. The Goodwill stores near me are much more expensive. But, I'll keep trying. Ann

  2. Fabulous!! I can hardly believe that whole dress was $50? And those hats! Well done. I can tell it took a lot of coordinating but you pulled it off!