Thursday, March 29, 2012

Closet Re-do Part Two

Starting from the beginning, this is my closet.  If I stand in the middle I can almost touch both walls.  It is long and narrow.
Behind the black mirror is this door that leads into the attic.  I looked inside to see if there was space to expand the closet.  The ceilings were only seven feet tall, so once you put in a floor and ceiling it wouldn't be tall enough to be very functional.  Dang it.
 I screwed that door back on to keep the scary things in the attic, and try not to think about what could be hiding behind that little door in the middle of the night.

Is this too many boots? I don't think so either. Yes the Uggs got donated to Goodwill.
Here is where the boots are going.
But before you start loading in the boots, you can take some old magazines and roll them up.
The slide the rolled up magazine into your boots to keep their shape and stay upright on the shelf.
Loook how pretty this looks!
I grew up in earthquake country so I bolted the boot shelf to the wall. No we don't have earthquakes in Denver, but better safe than sorry!
How's that for a $15.00 bookcase, some spray paint and A Lot of Goodwill cowboy and riding boots!
YES, ALL of the boots came from various Goodwill stores all around the Denver area.
I did leave some for you!
 (Well if you don't wear a 7.5)


  1. Love it! The boots look like art work now! Great tip about the rolled up magazines too.

  2. Great job & love it & all your boots. Oh yea, and I love G-Dub too!

  3. Christie LawrenceMarch 29, 2012 at 7:33 PM

    I am a 7.5! If you want to, you know, sell some boots, I am about to move to MN and would gladly take some off your hands.

  4. I use magazines in my boots too! The THICKER the better. Vanity Fair make great boot stuffers. HA!
    The books looks awesome too!


    1. Ella,
      I agree the thicker the better. Sometimes I double them up! Vanity Fair makes for a very swanky boot stuffer!

  5. Great tip about the magazines!

    Now, about those cowboy boots at the Denver G-dub's. I'll seriously pay you good money to track down, buy and ship me my size. SERIOUSLY. I live in Pennsuylvania and the only cowboy boots I've ever found in G-dub or any other thrift store are for kids. I'm obsessed with cowboy boots!

  6. I envy your boot collection!! I keep my local Goodwills, yes,plural, in heavy rotation to add to the shoe collection. Just for giggles, I stand in my closet and look my shoes and imagine to myself the retail value of my shoes. Then I thank God that my mother taught me how to resourceful and cute at the same time!!

  7. I recognize some of those boots! You crack me up! And now I know what to do with my old magazines.

    Cant' wait for I <3 Thrifting day. Are you coordinating the Denver one again this year?